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My name is Tarra Bantwal and I am the owner of Tell Your Story.  I believe life is like a kaleidoscope.  Depending on your point of view, it will either uplift or hinder you.  I created Tell Your Story, because I understand how other’s struggle with sharing their story.  More importantly, this inherent struggle is a hindrance to people's happiness and fulfillment.  

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My Story

With a degree in business with an emphasis in International Economics, I was recruited by an international bank to manage new accounts marketing campaigns for the credit card services business unit.  I matrix managed large project teams from departments, such as Legal, Compliance, Technology, Client Services, Portfolio Management, Cards & Statements, Disputes Processing, Customer Care and many more.


In addition, I was a Human Resources Generalist.  As a generalist, I did it all.  I performed nation-wide recruiting for executives, salary, and hourly employees.  I managed internal bank fraud investigations, unemployment court hearings, college recruiting, job fairs, employment offers, employment termination, background investigations, performance improvement plans, new hire orientation, and Visa sponsorship, for my respective departments.

What is the common thread from my diverse and extensive experience?  It is my adept interpersonal skills, such as communication, conflict management, empathy, listening skills, positivity,  diplomacy and a collaborative nature.  Moreover, I have an inherent child-like curiosity about people and life.  I am able to unveil a beautiful vulnerability with others.  I receive the utmost joy in making a person feel like they are the most important person in the world. 


Tell Your Story is important to me, because it is my way of making the world a better place.  I believe I can bring humanity one step closer to greater understanding of one another one client at at time.