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Tell Your Story is a multi-faceted business.  Its sole focus is to help you tell your story in an empowering and fulfilling manner.  Telling your story at the right time in the right way to the right person can change lives and make your dreams come true.

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engaging conversation

An engaging conversation is deeply satisfying.  It is not a way to pass time.  A personable conversation is unforgettable.   With practice, you can have an unimaginable level of contentment and a strong connection with anyone you choose. Would you like to learn how to have personable conversations to truly experience life?

Better Conversations. More Meaningful Conversations.

FREE 10 minute consultation for new clients only

appealing narrative

Your teen telling their story at the right time, in the right way, to the right person can change their life and make their dreams come true.  Your teen's personal stories influence their perceptions, decisions, and success. Inevitably, the best narrative is unique and authentic. That's how one becomes unforgettable within their private school and college applications. Others must 'feel' like the know you and like you, before they actually know you. 

Better Essays.  Better Applications.

Perfect for Private and College School Applications & Essays

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interview finesse

Your student already has an innate competitive advantage. It's their story. This is an unprecedented opportunity for your student to realize the true value of telling their story and how to use it to become the 'most valuable player' in the pursuit of their success.  Interviewing skills are a timeless tool to help your child manage how others experience and remember them.

Know You... Like You... Trust You...-SUCCESS!

Perfect for Jobs, Internships, Private and College School Applications & Essays

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