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Tell Your Story is a multi-faceted business.  We are your partner. With us, your story becomes the key to unlocking your dreams. 

Study Skills Coach

hire a study skills coach

WOur focus is to empower your students with effective study techniques, boost their confidence in managing their academic work, and guide them toward becoming independent learners. The role of a study skills coach extends beyond homework help; we equip students with the tools and strategies they need to understand and excel in their school subjects. We aim to transform their learning approach, helping them survive and thrive in their academic journey.

Transform Your Student's Learning with Study Skills Coaching!

Tell Your Story Resume Service

resume edge

This service offers an expert eye for crafting a compelling and cohesive resume that will stand out from the competition so you can confidently rise to any job opportunity. You will feel empowered knowing you have a competitive edge over your peers – so why not give yourself a head start?  Stop wasting time applying without results.


Enroll today and put your career goals within reach!

Tiny Triumphs.png

tiny triumphs: how to create winning preschool applications

Enroll in 'Tiny Triumphs: Create Winning Preschool Applications, ' a 'How-To' course designed specifically for parents of preschool children. You have a unique opportunity to uncover the theme of your child's narrative, crafting an authentic and captivating storyline that showcases their clear competitive advantage. 


Enroll today and unlock their path to success!

Tell Your Story.png

engaging conversation

An engaging conversation is deeply satisfying.  It is not a way to pass time.  A personable conversation is unforgettable.   With practice, you can have an unimaginable level of contentment and a strong connection with anyone you choose. Would you like to learn how to have personable conversations to truly experience life?

Better Interviews. Better Conversations. More Meaningful Conversations.

FREE 10 minute consultation for new clients only

appealing narrative

Telling your story at the right time, in the right way, to the right person can change your life and make your dreams come true.  Personal stories influence perceptions, decisions, and success. Inevitably, the best narrative is unique and authentic. That's how one becomes unforgettable in their resumes, interviews, preschool, private school, and college applications. Others must 'feel' like they know you and like you before they actually know you. 

Better Resumes. Better Essays.  Better Applications.

Perfect for Resume Writing, Preschool, Private and College School Applications & Essays

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Tell Your Story.png

interview finesse

You already have an innate competitive advantage. It's your story. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to realize the true value of telling your story and how to use it to become the 'most valuable player' in the pursuit of your success.  Interviewing skills are a timeless tool to help you manage how others experience and remember you.

Know You... Like You... Trust You...-SUCCESS!

Perfect for Jobs, Internships, Preschool, Private and College School Applications & Essays

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