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Why you

A video documentary, an infomercial, a short video, slideshow or a 'behind the scenes' trailer video is the ultimate selfie.  It is a true expose' of you, your life or your business.  Your story spoken live with your voice is worth more than any picture. Let's tell your story now!

What's in it for you?

Tell Your Story







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A Secret Tool for You.

Tell Your Story provides intimate, thoughtfully guided conversational interviews to create a personalized documentary, slideshow, an informercial, a video short, or 'behind the scenes' trailer video for you. We are a secret tool to help you shape how others experience and remember you, a place, an experience or your business. Tell Your Story is for everyone, everywhere for every moment of your life or business.

What you can expect ?

Your documentary, slideshow, infomercial, video short, or 'behind the scenes' trailer video is a storytelling process.  It is a co-creation between you and your interviewer. Before your video recording, your interviewer will carefully curate questions.  Each question guides your thoughts and speech, during your documentary, infomercial, short video, explainer video or 'behind the scenes' recording.

The end result is a new, telltale video for YOU!  Your viewers will have an exclusive chance to hear you speak about private thoughts, personal history, career goals, life changing moments and so much more.  Once you 'Tell Your Story', your legacy begins. 

Are you ready to Tell Your new Story?

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